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Merlin 8 can text weather and predictions to your cell phone with no annual fee. Merlin 8 is an addition to all the functions and features of Merlin 7. This is a one time purchase for registered users that is licensed for a single computer.

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AltaCom II Remote Sensor on mast with optional Anemometer

AltaCom II Remote Sensor on mast with optional Anemometer

Our weatherstations are used successfully by racers in all forms of motorsports; including drag racing, NASCAR, kart, motorcycle, offshore boat and road racing. Our weatherstations are reliable, accurate, and user friendly. They are also durable – we just serviced a seventeen year old AltaCom that is still running great. We back our weatherstations with friendly, knowledgeable tech help and a three-year warranty.

AltaCom II with Windspeed

AltaCom II with Windspeed! Get your weather data anywhere you are with sensors reading from a stable location. The AltaCom II is our top of the line weatherstation for racing.

AltaCom II with Windspeed $1915

The AltaCom II is used successfully by professional and sportsman in all IHRA and NHRA drag racing classes, and in NASCAR, SCCA, IROC, Formula One and offshore boat racing. These drivers and teams appreciate our responsive customer service, and the superior accuracy of our AltaCom II.

Basic AltaCom II Components, Console, Pager and Remote Sensor

Basic AltaCom II Components: Console, Pager and Remote Sensor

AltaCom II

The gold standard in weatherstations for professional and sportsman racers. The AltaCom II is trailer-based, fan aspirated, remote sensing professional weatherstation with weather paging, data logging, and live ET and TS predictions for drag racers. Software and cabling included. AltaCom II Details

AltaCom II $ 1710

The Alta

Entry-level trailer station.

The Alta Console and Remote Sensor

Excellent entry-level trailer station gives all of the readings racers need for tuning and prediction from fan aspirated sensors located in the same place all the time. Perfect for dyno work, the Alta is an AltaCom II without weather telemetry (wireless paging). It provides all the same information, comes with the same software and options. The Alta is fully upgradeable to AltaCom II. Complete Alta Details.

the Alta $ 1284

Merlin SoftwareTrend Graph

Both the Alta and the AltaCom II come with Merlin 7 FREE, which provides communications between the weatherstation and your computer, and has powerful tools for drag racing predictions. Merlin 8 is an upgrade letting you receive race weather and predictions on your cell phone.
Complete Merlin Details.