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All Altalab weather stations feature a 3 year warranty, free
lifetime calibrations, and friendly, intelligent tech support.

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Trailer Stations

The Alta Trailer Station is fully upgradable.

The Alta

Excellent entry-level trailer station gives all of the readings racers need for tuning and prediction from fan aspirated sensors located in the same place all the time. Perfect for dyno work, the Alta is an AltaCom II without weather telemetry (wireless paging). It provides all the same information, comes with the same software and options. The Alta is fully upgradeable to AltaCom II.

View complete Alta Information.

$ 1200

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altacom-kit-1-sm.jpg - 5993 Bytes

AltaCom II

AltaCom II is a trailer-based, fan aspirated, remote sensing professional weatherstation. It is excellent for professional racing applications from NASCAR to Drag Racing. AltaCom II is the ultimate sportsman drag racing weather station, featuring live ET and TS predictions for multiple vehicles. Merlin Software and cabling included.

AltaCom II Paging Weatherstation Datasheet.

$ 1594

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Custom Applications

If you need custom calculations, or a custom configuration for a weatherstation, we can help. Just let us know (304) 497 2756.

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Accessories and Options

Console Mounting Bracket

Console Mounting Bracket

Keep counters clear and weather readings comfortably at eye level with this very nicely made aluminum with front and rear lip. Secures the console safely under an overhead cabinet.

$ 34

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Quick Pole Clamps for AltaCom Remote Sensor Housing

Quick Pole Clamps (Set of 2)

Set of two transportation grade rubber clamps that perform well in heat or cold, and are uv resistant. (screws not included).

Supports poles from 5/8" to 1 3/8" for elevating your remote sensor housing above your trailer.

$ 16

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J10 and J20


Aluminum panel with DB9 connection to facilitate remote sensor assembly in larger trailers. Includes 10' remote sensor cable (not shown). Terminate one remote sensor cable permanently into the J10 with another connected to your sensor housing for quick setup and take-down.

$ 95


Aluminum panel with DB9 and BNC antenna connectors. Includes 10' remote sensor and 10' antenna extension cables (not shown).

$ 155

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PRO Anemometer for AltaCom II Weatherstation

PRO Anemometer

The WSI-PRO-23 Anemometer is a newly designed anemometer that interfaces with our AltaCom II weatherstation. It features superior wind speed resolution and low threshold in an all-digital magnetically-actuated package.

The Pro Anemometer plugs directly into the Remote Sensor Housing for simple setup. Sealed bearings stay clean, and large cups provide accuracy at slow wind speeds.

Complete PRO Anemometer Information

Anemometer Parts are Available Separately

$ 205

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USB to Serial Adapter for the AltaCom II Weatherstation

USB to Serial Adapter

The AltaCom II comes with 9 pin serial output. This USB to Serial Adapter allows your weatherstation to communicate via your PC&146;s USB port. Comes with complete instructions and a driver on CD.

$ 27

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Digital Pager for the AltaCom II Weatherstation

Digital Pager for AltaCom II

We chose this pager for its durability and excellent reception at the track. Easy to read and use. Each Pager is programmed to match your weatherstation. Features include a backlight, holster with protective LCD cover, message storage and message locking features. One pager comes standard with AltaCom II, keep the extra as a spare, to run two cars, or to loan to a friend.

$ 190

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Durable shielded cable attaches the remote sensor housing to the console.

Remote Sensor Cabling

Black shielded DB9 cable connects the Sensor Housing to the Console (one 20&146; cable included with AltaCom II). Use singly or in series, with or without the J10 or J20. Custom lengths in 10&146; increments.

priced per foot in 10' increments

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Mag-Mount Antenna (not shown)

This is the standard 3 db gain antenna that comes standard with your Alta-Com II. Order this as a replacement for a lost or damaged antenna. 15&146; of attached cable and BNC connector.

$ 80

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Permanent Mount Antenna comes with a seventeen foot low loss cable

Permanent Mount Antenna

Mount antenna cable permanently and simply screw in 3 db gain whip to set up. 17&146; low loss cable and BNC connector attached. (Price is less when ordered instead of standard antenna).

$ 85

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Antenna Cable Extensions

Low loss cable for use in series with your standard antenna cable (attached to the antenna base). Use with or without the J20. Custom lengths in 10&146; increments with BNC connectors. Total antenna cable length should not exceed 35&146;.


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AltaCom II can function as a stand alone weather station, but added functionality is available through your PC. Merlin ships standard with the AltaCom II. Merlin provides communications between the weatherstation and your computer, and has powerful tools for drag racing predictions. The current version is 6.51.b for Windows XP and Vista.

Merlin screen shots.

Merlin Windows Software

Merlin provides communications between AltaCom II and your PC, allows racers to customize the data transmitted to the pager, and provides sportsman drag racers with powerful tools for ET and Throttlestop prediction. User friendly and uncomplicated with accurate customizable one-run predictions for multiple vehicles. Merlin is part of the AltaCom II package, and not available separately.

More Merlin Details.

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Crew Chief Logbook Screenshot

Crew Chief Pro 7.1

Complete Logbook and Prediction Program for Sportsman Racers that works seamlessly with the AltaCom II. Four different ET and Throttle Stop Prediction Formulas to choose from - a Vapor Pressure Prediction Formula, a new Late Night Formula, a "Your Way" Formula where you enter your own weather factors, and our regular HP Correction Prediction Formula. Tech Card Printing, Finish Line Manager and iCard Integration.

Crew-chief Details.

$ 399

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AltaWeather screen shots.


Extend your AltaCom II with AltaWeather, AltaServ, and AltaDisplay, a complete logbook/weather management package for the Professional and Sportsman racer. Live ET and throttle stop predictions, automated weather logging, real-time weather graphs with annotations, multi-monitor / multiple displays, weather logs, excel exports, incremental times, basic printing, standard Microsoft storage technologies and iCard support.

Complete AltaWeather Details.

$ 299

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Upgrades for Owners of Older AltaComs

Anemometer Upgrade for Owners of Older AltaComs

PRO Anemometer Upgrade for Owners of Pre-Sept. 2006 AltaComs

  • Upgrade Consists of:
  • New Vane Assembly
  • New Rotor Assembly
  • New Cups and the Eprom upgrade

$ 120

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Remote Sensor Housing Showing Optional PRO Anemometer

Remote Sensor Housing Upgrade

Owners of older AltaComs can upgrade to the new sensor housing, with Ambient Light, PVC Mounting Mast, larger Aluminum Solar Shield and Simpler Cabling. This is a brand new sensor housing with new sensors (Temperature, Relative Humidity and Ambient Light).

Your weatherstation will get a full calibration and checkup while in our shop.

$ 275

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Radio Upgrade

Radio Upgrade

Owners of pre-2002 AltaComs can upgrade from 2 to 5 watts. Take advantage of improved distance reception and overcome interference at the track.

Your weatherstation will get a full calibration and checkup while in our shop.

$ 265

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