Professional Weatherstations for Motorsports

Our weatherstations are used successfully by racers in all forms of motorsports; including drag racing, NASCAR, kart, motorcycle, offshore boat and road racing. Altalab weatherstations are reliable, accurate, and user friendly. They are also durable with a three-year warranty, and backed with quality manuals and tech support.

NEWEST WEATHERSTATIONS: AltaCom 4x, and AltaCom 4xR are well designed digital weatherstations which incorporate tools and techniques harvested from more than 20 years of experience and innovation in drag racing. As we retire the popular AltaCom2 which has been the most respected trailer paging weatherstation in the last 20 years, we celebrate new technology and hardware that will serve our customers now and into the future.

excellent prediction softwareAltaCom 4xR

The new digital gold standard in weatherstations for professional and sportsman racers. The AltaCom 4xR is trailer-based, fan aspirated, remote sensing professional weatherstation with weather paging, weather texting, weather logging, live ET and TS predictions for drag racers, and extensive tools for improving your racing.


Acom 4xR $1695


AltaCom 4x

Rock solid digital trailer weatherstation. Stable accurate readings and predictions on your PC and sent to you via text or email. Weather logging, live ET and TS predictions for drag racers, and many tools for improving your racing.



Acom 4x $787

the Alta and AltaCom2

Currently our legacy weatherstation and no longer available new. We are maintaining a substantial stockpile of parts, components and accessories so that we can support our AltaCom2 customers and hardware well past the 3 year warranty and beyond. You can order a complete checkup with maintenance and battery change to prolong the life of your AC2, or ready it for resale.