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Altalab, Inc. dba Altalab Instrument

Since 1987 we have done our best to provide racers with quality instruments at reasonable prices. We listen to racers and our customers, and design weatherstations and software with your needs in mind. Because of our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, all Altalab weatherstations have a 3 year warranty.

Anyone can build a weatherstation that performs well in the lab, where conditions are controlled and there are none of the difficulties of measuring in the field. We specialize in weatherstations that perform well in the real world conditions of racing. We accomplish this goal with many strategies, including quality components, fan-aspiration, remote sensing, and other aspects of intelligent design. In our quest to provide our customers with winning tools, we pioneered many of the weatherstation features that are now industry standards:

  • run graphing for drag racers in 1990
  • fan aspiration in 1992
  • trailer based remote sensing (the Alta) in 1995
  • wireless paging in 1997 (AltaCom II)

Tech Support

We are committed to providing quality information so racers can get the best performance from our weatherstations. Our manuals are comprehensive and written to be easily understood. They provide information to help both experienced racers and novices get a handle on tips and techniques for handling weather effects and predictions.

On the phone our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, we routinely take and return calls after hours and on weekends so you can get help when you need it.

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Altalab, Inc.
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  • What Racers Say:

    "I have used Alta-lab weatherstations for over 20 years.They have an excellent product and have customized the product to fit our needs. A great company with excellent customer service." Jim Prock