AltaCom II Paging Trailer Station

AltaCom II paging trailer weatherstation

The AltaCom II Paging Trailer Station

The gold standard in weatherstations for professional and sportsman racers. The AltaCom II is trailer-based, fan aspirated, remote sensing professional weatherstation with weather paging, data logging, and live ET and TS predictions for drag racers. Software and cabling included*.

Price : $1594

AltaCom II is an excellent weatherstation for tuning, racing and dyno work. The fan-aspirated remote sensor housing are mounted above the trailer roof or in the plenum. The remote cable permits flexible setup, with the console located for convenient viewing. The LCD on the console updates every 20 seconds. The console logs data to internal memory once every 10 minutes and Merlin software can log weather every 5 minutes on your PC with the included serial cable for downloading and live data display on screen. Both 12 volt power cord and 110 supply are included.

The Sensors

Sensor Full Scale Specifications Sensor Type
Temperature 0 – 125 x 0.1F x 1% Semiconductor with a linear output.
Relative Humidity 0 – 100% x 0.1% x 3% IC (Integrated Circuit) with linear output and multi-point calibration for full scale repeatability.
Absolute Barometric Pressure 21 – 31.5″Hg x 0.01 x 0.1 IC with built-in signal conditioning and temperature compensation.
Ambient Light 0-1000 IC with linear output.
  • Trailer Based (both 12 volt and AC Power)
  • Fan-Aspirated Remote Sensors
  • Professional Grade Sensors
  • 4 measured and 7 Calculated Values
  • Custom Calculations Available
  • Digital Paging
  • 3db Gain Mag-Mount Antenna
  • Mounting Mast
  • Weather Data Logging
  • Customizable Pager Readout
  • Merlin Prediction and Communication Software
  • 26 pg. Merlin Software Manual
  • Live Drag Racing Predictions (multiple vehicle)
  • Run Graphing, Customizable Predictions
  • Support for 3rd party Software Vendors
    • Crew Chief Pro
    • Alta Weather
    • RacePak Data Loggers
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Tech Support


AltaCom Front and Back of the Console

Front panel of the console showing scroll switch, backlit LCD and indicator lights. Front and Rear Panels of AltaCom II Rear panel of the console showing on-off switch, antenna connections, power jack, serial number, FCC ID, Remote Sensor Housing Connection, Serial Cable Connection, and extra data ports.



  • 2.5″h x 6.25″w x 8″d
  • weight 2.5 lbs
  • rubber standoffs
  • memory write interval = 10 minutes / 1021 samples
  • front panel LCD
  • rear panel has on/off switch and connections -DB25 f RS232, DB9 f to Remote Sensor Housing, power supply port
  • LCD is 2 x 16 character supertwist backlight, 20 sec update and scroll button
  • Additional Input Ports: 4 A/D RG11, 1 digital W/S
AltaCom II Remote Sensor on mast with optional Anemometer

AltaCom II Remote Sensor on mast with optional Anemometer.


Remote Sensor Housing

  • Durable ABS
  • milled vents
  • powerful ventilation fan
  • Aluminum Solar Roof with Standoffs
  • DB9m
  • PVC Mounting Mast

*USB to Serial Adapter not included.

  • What Racers Say:

    Thanks so much for making such a great product. It is without a doubt best I've ever used." Larry Stewart SS/GA