Pro Anemometer

Pro Anemometer

Pro Anemometer can be used with the Alta and the AltaCom II

The Pro Anemometer provides superior wind speed resolution and low threshold in an all-digital magnetically-actuated package. Compared to its predecessor, the Pro Anemometer features wind cups which are over 4 times larger in profile, for greater accuracy at slow wind speeds; a fin which is over 3 times larger, for optimum directional response; stainless steel cup-retaining clips, and improved sealed proprietary bearings for lower rotational friction, ease of maintenance, and longer life.The Pro Anemometer plugs directly into the Remote Sensor Housing for simple setup.

Price : $205

  • What Racers Say:

    "On the Money Every Run! This weatherstation is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was runner up last weekend Div 7 in Bakersfield, It's deadly accurate and I'm on the money every run - within thousandths!" Randy Bowers