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Permanent Mount Antenna

Permanent Mount Antenna

Mount the antenna cable permanently and simply screw in 3 db gain whip to set up. 17 ft. low loss cable and BNC connector attached. Price is less when ordered with an AltaCom II as a substitute for the magnetic base antenna. Options Add to Weather System $85.00 USDSubstitute (only when ordered with AltaCom II) […]

Remote Sensor Cables

Remote Sensor Cable

Black shielded DB9 cable connects the Sensor Housing to the Console (one 20 foot cable included with the Alta and the AltaCom II). Use singly or in series, with or without the J10 or J20 Connector Panels. Custom lengths in 10 ft. increments. For other lengths call (304) 497 2756 to order by phone. Cables […]

Antenna Cable Extensions

Antenna Cable Extensions

The low-loss antenna cable has one male and one female BNC end. It can be connected directly to your antenna, with or without the J20 Connector Panel. Total antenna cable length should not exceed 35 ft. or loss of transmit distance can occur. Price is $15 per end and $1 per foot. Cable Length 2 […]

Anemometer Rotor Assembly

Replacement Rotor Assembly for the Pro Anemometer Price : $ 40

Anemometer Cups

Anemometer Cups

Set of 3 Anemometer cups with metal clips. Price : $ 20

Anemometer Vane

The vane canĀ  be purchased separately from the Pro Anemometer. Price : $ 40

AltaCom Digital Pager

We chose this pager for its durability and excellent reception at the track. Easy to read and use. Each Pager is programmed to match your weatherstation. Features include a backlight, holster with protective LCD cover, message storage and message locking features. One pager comes standard with AltaCom II, keep the extra as a spare, to […]

Pro Anemometer

The Pro Anemometer provides superior wind speed resolution and low threshold in an all-digital magnetically-actuated package. Compared to its predecessor, the Pro Anemometer features wind cups which are over 4 times larger in profile, for greater accuracy at slow wind speeds; a fin which is over 3 times larger, for optimum directional response; stainless steel […]

Console Mounting Bracket

Aluminum Console Mounting Bracket

Keep counters clear and weather readings comfortably at eye level with this very nicely made aluminum bracket featuring a front and rear lip. Secures the console safely under an overhead cabinet. Price : $ 32

J10 Connector Panel & Cable

The J10 is an 2.25 inch x 4.25 inch aluminum panel with a 9 pin through connector for the remote sensor cable and a remote sensor cable extension. Each weatherstation comes with a Remote Sensor Cable, the J10 supplies a second. Use one to make a permanent connection between your console and the J10 Connector […]

J20 Connector Panel & Cables

The J20 Connector Panel is a 2.25 x 4.25 inch aluminum panel with both a 9 pin and bnc antenna connectors to facilitate mounting your weatherstation in a larger trailer, or for a more professional appearance. The panel comes with an Antenna Extension Cable and a Remote Sensor extension cable. The J20 supplies a second […]

Pole Mounting Clamps

Set of 2 Pole Mounting Clamps

Set of two transportation grade rubber clamps that perform well in heat or cold, and are uv resistant. (screws not included). Supports poles from 5/8″ to 1 3/8″ for elevating your remote sensor housing above your trailer. Price : $ 16

USB to Serial Adapter

USB to Serial Adapter

For use with the Alta and AltaCom weatherstations which come with a 9-pin serial output. Comes with complete instructions and a driver on CD. For Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. Appearance subject to change, and may include a cable. Price : $ 42

Magnetic Base Antenna

Replace a lost or damaged antenna for your AltaCom II. This is the standard 3 db gain antenna that comes standard with your Alta-Com II. 15 ft. of attached cable and BNC connector.

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