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Dave Wooding

Your AltaCom 2 has been flawless since I got it in 2005. It’s working great with zero issues. I highly recommend it to my fellow racers when they ask how come I’m doing so well. Dave Wooding

Allen Smith

Allen Smith

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the success I have experienced using your weather station. I raced in S/ST at my local 1/8 mile track using your ALTA COM ll weather station. I won three consecutive track championships. Throttle stop settings were very reliable resulting in lots of dead on […]

Jim Prock

Jim Prock

I have used Altalab weatherstations for over 20 years.They have an excellent product and have customized the product to fit our needs.A great company with excellent customer service. Jim Prock

Ted Barnes

Ted Barnes wins TNT Super Series

Without the Altacom II, I wouldn’t have run 7.003 off the trailer and proceeded to win 6 rounds and the event! Love the reliability of it’s readings!!! Thanks Altalab!!!

Michael Swan Race2Win Motorsports

“The AltaCom II weather station combined with Crew Chief Pro are simply the best products any racer could have to ensure success. If you are Racing 2 Win you must start with Altalab Instrument!” Michael Swan Race2Win Motorsports

Larry Stewart

“Thanks so much for making such a great product. It is without a doubt best I’ve ever used. It helped me win the 2004 SS National Championship and recently runner up at the 2009 Midwest Nationals in Madison, IL. You guys are the best.” Larry Stewart  

Pete Biondo

Pete Biondo 6 Time World Championship

“Not only do I use the Altacom 2 weather station, our company, Biondo Racing Products also has been selling it for 10 years now. I can’t say enough about the reliability and accuracy year in and year out!”

Tom Goldman

NHRA Super Gas Winner Tom Goldman

I love my Altalab !   It has been working great for over ten years, with only minor maintenance. Since purchasing my Altalab weather station , I’ve won two back to back Mid Atlantic SuperGas Association Championships , Won the NHRA Summernationals , and have consistently finished in the NHRA D1 Super Gas Top10 points.  Tom […]

Randy Bishop

I have been working with Altalab for some time now and am very happy with their products and the Fantastic service Tenley has provided. She has been very very helpful and prompt on making sure our system is up to date and working properly. She is real knowledgeable on the Altalab products she promotes. Randy Bishop […]

Jeff White

We’ve been drag racing for 13 years, and in that time I’ve owned two Altalab weather stations. I only sold the first one because the team who recently bought my 10 year old trailer demanded the installed Altalab be included when they gave into to my very firm $60k asking price …. but I immediately […]

Phil Gilbert

I have been very impressed by your company’s availability to respond to questions; even on weekends. I also appreciate the fast turn-around time, and reasonable pricing, whenever my station has needed service. In addition, your product works as good as advertised. I strongly recommend Altalab to any racer who is shopping for a weather station. […]

Derek Clark

Derek Clark

“By using the pager system and software program set up by George Stack & George Smith, the Car never varied no more than .014 Thousands of a second in 10 straight winning rounds that were the highlight of my racing career. Thanks to George Smith and George and Jimmie Stack and the Altalab weatherstation, I […]

Craig Setzer

Craig Setzer and Gerald Pierce

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your AltaCom program. My partner, Gerald Pierce, and I won Division I races in both Cecil County, Maryland and Englishtown, New Jersey. Your software greatly enhanced our probability of winning by providing accurate weather calculations needed to properly dial our throttlestop.” – Craig Setzer S/ST NHRA Div 1

Jim Grant

Jim Grant

“This is an absolutely outstanding product sold and serviced by helpful, professional people. If you are serious about racing (in any class) stop fooling around with cheap weatherstations and get the “real McCoy”.

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    "You guys are great to deal with and I love your equipment. We also use the Crew-Chief pro. Your weatherstation and Crew-Chief work exceptionally well for us, just awesome to work with." Mike Sutton