Jeff White

We've been drag racing for 13 years, and in that time I've owned two Altalab weather stations.  I only sold the first one because the team who recently bought my 10 year old trailer demanded the installed Altalab be included when they gave into to my very firm $60k asking price .... but I immediately ordered a new Altalab!

The instrument, along with the paging function, works flawlessly every time I set it up.

On the rare occasions when I call the Altalab techs asking questions or asking how to deal with a unique scenario, they offer prompt and expert advice.

We travel roughly 15,000 miles per year running in several different parts of the county and find the weather and surface temperature information we get from our Altalab system to be as important as the data acquisition information we pull off the racecar.

If your running in the other lane, I'd prefer you get your weather off of the end of your finger .... but if you want to know what you are going to run before the lights come down on the tree, I'd suggest you have an Altalab in the trailer.

Jeff White, Crew Chief
NHRA Top Dragster
  • What Racers Say:

    "Not only do I use the Altacom 2 weather station, our company, Biondo Racing Products also has been selling it for 10 years now. I can't say enough about the reliability and accuracy year in and year out!" Pete Biondo, 6 time World Champion