AltaCom 4x


Rock solid, very accurate trailer station with superior digital technology, texting, Merlin Software.



Rock solid, very accurate trailer station with superior digital technology. Weather and predictions texted or emailed to your cell (Includes Merlin 8 texting upgrade) or displayed on your PC at the trailer. 3 measured and 8 calculated values, wind optional. 3 year warranty.

  • All digital sensing and data. Very accurate under all conditions
  • Remote sensor may be placed up to 500 feet away with inexpensive cabling. (Comes with 20 ft standard cable)
  • Anemometer (optional) interfaces with remote sensor and all data comes through one cable to 4x interface box.
  • System can transmit data to smart phone when wifi or cell service is present at track
  • System can be powered by 120 vac power adapter or 12 vdc battery
  • Merlin software handles weather display, predictions, and more
  • Optional J-40 trailer wall fitting allows tidy radio and data cable installation solution
  • All boards are state of the art surface mount construction
  • Remote sensor board is coated for long life in outdoor conditions
  • All components exceed requirements for long term trouble free service
  • Protected by Altalab’s long running three year warranty

acom4x-data-sheet 4xR Quick Start guide

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