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Altalab’s top of the line weatherstation for professional and sportsman racers. Weather paging and texting, weather logging, ET and TS predictions for drag racers. Merlin Prediction Software with extensive tools for improving your racing. Trailer-based, fan aspirated remote digital sensing. Three year warranty. Friendly, knowledgeable tech support.
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excellent prediction softwareThe digital gold standard in weatherstations for professional and sportsman racers. The AltaCom 4xR is trailer-based, fan aspirated, remote sensing professional weatherstation with weather paging, weather texting, weather logging, live ET and TS predictions for drag racers, and extensive tools for improving your racing. Our Digital Sensor measures Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and RH, and converts that data into a digital signal before data travels down cabling to Merlin and the console. The Digital Sensor logs weather data on a regular basis for your convenience. Sensor data is captured by Merlin software, which calculates 8 values to give you a full range of information in your preferred format. Paging trailer weatherstation. Download printable flyer.

  • Trailer Based (AC Power)
  • All digital sensing and data. Very accurate under all conditions
  • 3 measured and 8 calculated weather values
  • 4xR console has powerful 5 watt radio to transmit to pager when no cell service is available
  • Remote sensor may be placed up to 500 feet away with inexpensive cabling. (Comes with 20 ft standard cable)
  • Anemometer (optional)
  • System can transmit data to smart phone when wifi or cell service is present at track
  • System can be powered by 120 vac power adapter (included) or 12 vdc battery
  • Merlin software handles all data delivery methods, predictions, and more
  • Optional J-40 trailer wall fitting allows tidy radio and data cable installation solution
  • All boards are state of the art surface mount construction
  • Remote sensor board is coated for long life in outdoor conditions
  • All components exceed requirements for long term trouble free service
  • Protected by Altalab’s long running three year warranty

AltaCom 4xR Available Weather Variables

  • Adjusted Altitude
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Dew Point
  • Grains per Lb
  • Absolute Humidity
  • Air Density Ratio
  • Density Altitude
  • Pressure Altitude

Merlin Weather Display

Merlin can display Current Readings updating every minute on screen. Merlin also can be set to show Trend Weather updating every 5 minutes and accumulating readings on screen. These data can be viewed as text, as a graph, and saved for later use, such as overlaying different days weather to anticipate daily trends. Trend weather is also used to Pick data for integration with Racepak data loggers.

Paging -Weather and Prediction

One pager comes standard with the 4xR. Additional pagers can be programmed to match. Weather variables can be selected to show/not show in the pager to simplify the data you see in each transmission. Up to 5 separate ET and or TS predictions can be created and transmitted with weather information. Merlin has powerful tools for ET and TS Prediction. Manage multiple users, fuel and jetting changes, reveal mechanical inconsistencies, spot bogus runs, refine predictions and more.

Texting -Weather and Prediction

If you have a hotspot at the track, Merlin can text and email weather and predictions to your smartphone.


Specifications, Standard Features

  • Trailer Based (AC Power)
  • Fan-Aspirated Remote Sensors
  • Professional Grade Sensors, digital signal
  • 4 measured and 8 Calculated Values
  • Custom Calculations Available
  • Digital Apollo Pager
  • 5 watt paging transmitter
  • 3db Gain Magnetic base antenna
  • Mounting Mast
  • Logged Weather Data in Sensor
  • Trend Weather Logging on your PC
  • Merlin Prediction and Communication Software
  • 26 pg. Merlin Software Manual
  • Live Drag Racing Prediction
  • Run Graphing, Customizable Predictions
  • Support for 3rd party Software Vendors
  • Crew-Chief Software
  • Alta Weather
  • Family Software
  • Dragstat Software
  • RacePak Data Logger
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Tech Support

AltaCom4xR Digital Sensor

  • Durable ABS
  • milled vents
  • powerful ventilation fan
  • Aluminum Solar Roof with Standoffs
  • CAT5 port
  • RG-11 (for optional anemometer)
  • PVC Mounting Mast

The Sensors

  • Temperature 0 – 125 x 0.1F x 1% Semiconductor with a linear output.
  • Relative Humidity 0 – 100% x 0.1% x 3% IC (Integrated Circuit) with linear output and multi-point calibration for full scale repeatability.
  • Absolute Barometric Pressure 21 – 31.5″Hg x 0.01 x 0.1 IC with built-in signal conditioning and temperature compensation.
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    "You did a great job on the AltaCom 2. You were very informative and helpful when I called with some questions and to exchange the antenna and to order the console mounting bracket. Thanks for a fine product and your help." George Baltzer